Architectural Design

The role of architecture is to stimulate the senses
-Homes by Pinnacle-

Our passion for architecture goes beyond black and white lines.  Unlike other design services we take a different approach to architectural design.  Our goal is to paint a vivid picture of your dream home, one that showcases color, texture and lighting.  We live in a colorful three dimensional world and believe you should see your dream home through the same lens.  We accomplish this by embracing the latest technological advances in three-dimensional (3D) architecture.   With our design program you’ll see firsthand the texture of your brick, the vivid colors of your home and the tranquil surroundings of your landscaping.  You’ll see exactly how your home will look before you even begin.

We also create for you a 3D colored layout of your finished floor plans. This allows you the opportunity to see your home with furniture, paint colors and flooring. With our design program you’ll have the confidence of knowing what the inside and outside of your dream home looks like before you begin building.

Give us a call today and let us help bring your dream home to life.

Each room contains the possibility to create something special
and it’s our job to discover those unique characteristics.
-Homes by Pinnacle-